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About Us

Beyond the Veil Exhibition,
Venice 2019

Iris Elhanani, Doron Polak

Beyond the Veil is an international art project connecting 100 women artists from five continents among them  visual artists, authors, poets and social activists.

The exhibition portrays art on veils and scarfs each symbolizing characteristic customs and cultural motifs that represent the background of each artist.

The inspiration of this project was born due to the wide discussion in the Western world about Muslim women wearing the hijab and there for have been viewed with suspicion and investgation along with political context. 

The aim of the exhibition is to use the “art veil” as a symbol of equality, freedom and peace. to break sterotypes ,respect the “others’culture and religion with out judgment and support women from across the globe to lift their voices and express themselves  beyond the veil.  
The uniqueness of the exhibition lies in its representation of women from diverse cultures , religions from  Africa, Asia, South America, Europe ,America ,Israel and Palestnians.

All of the art veils were made on fabric .  
we started the world tour  in  Venice in honor of the 59th Biennale under the auspices of two art spaces: ARTLIFE for the World Gallery (Cannaregio) and The Saturnia Art Hotel (near San Marco Square). Additional sponsors and partners had  join, among them  IBDAA – the Arab artists' organization, Art & Society by UNESCO, the Future Memory Association –Paris, Fusion Art Museum in NYC, Artists' Museum in Lodz, Poland.
After Venice the exhibition started its world tour and was presented in Paril , Loanda Angola, Katwice and Poznan in Poland.
Due to Covid 19 we had to stop the world tour .

Guests Curators
Ahamad Matani, IBBDA
Simonetta Gorreri, ARTLIFE Gallery, Venice, Italy
Gali Weiss, Unfolding Projects, Australia and Afghanistan
Joyce Yahouda, Joyce Yehuda Gallery, Montreal, Canada
Marianna Serandrei, Hotel Saturnia, Venice

Project Partners
Margalit Berriet, Future Memory Gallery Paris in partnership with Art & Society
Adam Klimczak, Artists Museum, Lodz, Poland
Shalom Neuman, Fusion Art Museum, NYC

Special thanks
Mr. Zvi Yemini, Chairman of Shenkar, College of Engineering, Design and Art

Design team
Graphic design: Anat Negev
Web design: Yuli Serfaty

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