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Anna Lorenc  
“Sinking In”

ink on fabric, ink print 80X120cm 2020 

In the kitchen I see my sister with her head low
over the sink her nose bleeds thick blood
the red line leads across the floorboards
to the sofa I tilt her head back
use a cloth to wipe her mouth

in the hall my father walks with a bloodstained

hare takes my sister’s face in his hands
I see the animal’s blood and my sister’s blood
[Małgorzata Lebda, June: blood]

The iron oxide contained in blood and the way it reflects light is responsible for the colour of blood. In many languages, red is derived from the word signifying blood.[2]
Humanity is constantly confronted with bodily functions and physiology. What is definitely transnational and transcultural in reference to femininity are the biological bodily functions, marked with the flow of blood.
[1]               Lebda M., czerwiec: krew [June: blood], Dwutygodnik, Wiersze Małgorzata Lebda [Małgorzata Lebda’s Poems], https://www.dwutygodnik.com/artykul/6428-wiersze.html, access: 23 January 2020
[2]               See Sarapik V., The Colourand the Word, Folklore (Estonia), vol. 3, 1997, pp. 93–131, https://www.folklore.ee/folklore/vol3/red.htm, access: 23 January 2020

Anna Lorenc, DFA

Polish visual artist working mainly in the medium of photography. Explores the notions of the centre and the periphery in the area of subjective photographic documentary as well as the subject of the body and kitsch and the relationship between image and text in art and graphic design.

Graduate of graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice (2005). In the years 2014–2017, within her doctoral dissertation, she carried out research into strategy of representing the Upper Silesia agglomeration landscape (Katowice) in artistic photography. Teaches photography in her alma mater.

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