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 Celine B. La Terreur 
“Missile”, 2019


“Missile”, 2019
L:130, H:70cm
ink-jet print, silk and acrylic on chiffon
Photo credits: Richard-Max Tremblay

For the exhibition Beyond the Veil, Céline B. La Terreur’s photograph is printed on transparent fabric, on which she makes interventions in painting and embroidery. The work, entitled Missile, depicts a woman whose face is covered with a transparent veil.
The veil,  a symbol strongly associated with covering, or even removing, beauty and feminine strength, suggests a form of suffocation of the woman.
The anarchy symbol is embroidered in white silk thread on the image, which can be seen on both sides of the fabric. The symbol makes reference to the thousands of women, rebelling and united, to resist injustice: a gentle revolt, which is woven, stitch by stitch, weightless like the veil, but nevertheless is very powerful.

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