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Dorota Nowak

“Ad Lucem/Transposition’’
140 × 100 cm, serigraphy/ digital print, 2020


I veil the female nude with transparent raster. This optical treatment causes an interesting dependency – the presented figure becomes simplified, its detail fades out, and the body covers in mystery. When observed from a few meters distance, the work regains legibility, unveiling much more than at a close look.

Our visual perception is an intellectual process. We act according to a personalized psychological filter, where the subconscious interpretation of what we see is based on a collection of our visual, intellectual and emotional experiences. Essentially, we are unable to separate the analysed object from the imposed veil/filter, as it becomes part of a complex subjective process of perception, and we therefore remain in the world of illusion it has created. We are covered by perceptive calques and we internalize them.

Dorota Nowak

Polish visual artist, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice (2003). Doctor of Fine Arts since 2009. Teaches in her alma mater.
Her artistic work inclines towards pursuits in the area of existential notions mainly by means of broadly understood graphic arts.



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