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Ewa Zawadzka

“War of the Worlds I”

“War of the Worlds II”

“War of the Worlds III”

120 × 65 cm, print on canvas

…most of the time, it is light that inspires my creative life. Also this artistic project is dedicated to this subject. It is titled…war of the worlds… – an artistic record of how my two independent worlds coexist. The world of my paintings, compositions ruled by light, juxtaposed with the real world around me, where the light is ruthless in writing its story, an independent and overwhelmingly beautiful one…

Ewa Zawadzka

Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, Faculty of Graphics in Katowice. Involved with graphic arts and drawing for many years. She has achieved a strong position in these areas of art by participating in recognized international graphic art exhibitions and receiving numerous awards. She was a member of the programme board of the International Graphic Art Triennial in Kraków, a curator of the Polish Print Triennial and a Polish curator at the Graphic Arts Biennial in Ljubljana and Miskolc. She writes about graphic arts and participates in conferences and international meetings on the subject (Canada, Hungary, Slovenia and France). Her works are included in all the major art collections in the world. Since 2002, her entire work focuses on painting, which allows for a larger format, builds structures, emphasizes the power and monumentalism of form. From the beginning connected with photography, which has inspired all her work. Since 2012, photography has become an essential, independent form of her artistic expression.



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