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Ewelina Koszykowska
“We are Lost”

Poland / England

I was born in Wroclaw Poland. I was born within a caul, also known as a Veil. My Veil began to call to me when I was working in my studio in Brooklyn NYC about a decade ago. I started to see images of the veil surrounding figures almost like auras. So the symbol of the Veil becomes the abstract element within my paintings. Many of my large-scale oil paintings are now being created in London.  
In the Triptych “We Are Lost” there is a progression of movement from one painting to the next. In the first scene one sees female characters helping one another. The second painting includes one female character breaking the cycle of a circular pattern. The third shows a female leading the group into some unknown yet bright future. The series is set in the present moment and is specifically commenting on empowering women to gain strength within themselves.


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