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Joanna Zdzienicka-Obałek

“The Strip”

cycle Total, object, changeable measurements, author’s technique, 2020


The space of expressing my anxiety and fears, also those connected with the broad notion of freedom, means selecting an object and a specific technique of work. The object I chose to quote is a worn out leather fragment of horse harness. Laying it out and cutting by hand as well as the time-consuming activity of veneering bring to mind the care and reflection about the object’s history. Stratification of the collage elements is repetitive and therefore linked with the meaning contained in the strip itself. My work closely associates the object and the technique. Aware of the characteristic creative process, I intended a certain visual punch line, a sensation needless to name, although I would like the recipients to feel open and stimulated to observe everything in their surroundings. I refer to the phenomenon of mutual constriction, subdual, conformity and power that people impose not only on each other, but unfortunately also on the nature.

Joanna Zdzienicka-Obałek
Polish interdisciplinary artist. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice (2009), Doctor of Fine Arts (2016). She creates objects, installations and develops new methods of constructing broadly understood images. Focussed on the notion of time and time-determined phenomena, such as memory and related processes and mechanisms of garnering. She studies and uses them in her works, frequently emphasising the very process in which they are created. Her most recent works reach for the elements of nature, which she combines with the previously mentioned elements.
Teaches in her alma mater.



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