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                                                                           100 x100 cm, canvas, acrylic paint
”46.5 x 46.5 x 5cm, woolen hat,
wooden plywood”

Jolanta Jastrząb

“The Hat”


As I was invited to participate in theBeyond the Veil project, I decided to refer to clothing in social and cultural contexts. What we wear is a specific packet of information about a person with tremendous effect on how one is seen and perceived by others. It allows to qualify a person to a particular social group, corporation, religious creed. I am interested to know to what extent clothing determines ones self-awareness, how often it builds relationships, when it makes them easier, and how far it is a burden, which condemns a person to a given context.
Headwear has been an important element of the area of interpersonal relations. A sheitel, a bourka, a hijab emanate modesty, covering the female pride, the hair. My hat protects against the cold, heat, rain, snow, wind, and sometimes is simply an element of clothing. What I find precious is that, unlike many women of other cultures, I can wear my hat at will, and it makes me feel warm, safe and well. My hat is… the emanation of my freedom.
For the purposes of this project, I am going to knit a woollen hat.

Jolanta Jastrząb

Polish visual artist. Graduate of the Faculty of Graphics of the Katowice branch of Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. Diploma of 1997 in Graphic Design Studio of Prof. T. Jura and Painting Studio of Prof. R. Nowotarski. Title of Doctor of Fine Arts in 2004, and habilitation in 2011. Currently Associate Professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Head of Chair of Painting and of Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies thereof. She runs the 1st year drawing studio in the faculty of painting. Since 2010, she carries out artistic projects in therapy (i.a. Art as a Tool of Social Therapy including a cycle of art workshops for women serving immediate custodian sentences in Penitentiary in Lubliniec); since 2016 she coordinates at AFA first interdisciplinary cross-institutional faculty of art therapy (University of Silesia, Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Academy of Music in Katowice). She presented her works at numerous solo and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Author of such cycles as: Zaklęte w lodzie [Enchanted in Ice], Szuflady [Drawers], Zapach dzikiej róży [Wild Rose Perfume], Osiem [Eight], Skatepark, Crezy Julka, Kalendarz kobiety [Woman’s Calendar], T- shirt, Qurilla, Obserwator/ja [Observer/I], Burnout, Chodźmy pojeździć rowerem po księżycu [Let’s Cycle on the Moon], MAMAzy, LOVE.



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