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Judyta Bernaś

Zacisze (Solace)

from the cycle Zacisze III/2012 (Solace), 65 × 42 cm, UV print, leather, object – dress, 2012

Zacisze (Solace), a continuation of the recording of people's life stories, existence, and carnality. According to the concept by Roland Barthes, it is not the artist-author who provides the interpretation of the work. Conversely, it is the observer who gives the work sense and meaning. The cycle Zacisze (Solace) is composed of objects to be looked at, sometimes touched, that force the observer to look deep inside himself/herself, to reevaluate his/her relations with his/her surroundings.

On the graphic copies, I manage to achieve various nuances and deformations of the matrix-body which fit into the subject of carnality, passing, overlapping of films, and distortion of memory. I treat my outer bodily shell as a layer that remembers various apocalypses... in solace… The overlapping films lose their images/shapes as they are destroyed and the concepts become redefined. Fragmentation of the body causes a change in the function, meaning, and context of the portrayal.

Zacisze (Solace) is an attempt to create a universal message, it is carnality enhanced by the use of animal (lamb) leather as a substrate, has a multi-faceted meaning and refers to archetypical thinking patterns.

Judyta Bernaś

Polish visual artist, Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice (2005), Doctor of Fine Arts (2012)

In her work, she tackles the problem of corporeality as a dilemma based on the dualism of physicality and metaphysics. She uses the ambiguity of artwork interpretation as a medium to force the recipient to rethink the relationship between the sacred and the profane. She studies the idea of femininity in the contexts challenging its conventional understanding, sanctioned by cultural convention and religion.

Teaches in her alma mater.



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