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Limor Mangisto Arghi

  Israel / Ethiopia

My approach to darkness shows that darkness isn’t always a bad thing, there’s good side of darkness in every one of us. Everyone have the lighted side and the darker side and if we could see behind them we can find new things and get  enlightenment, to become combine and make her colorful get lose like  stripes of colors get together and make one curtain.

Limor Mangisto ArghiI was born in Ethiopia , 1982. 1984 was the year I immigrated to Israel. Made “Aliyah”.
Drawing since I was young, love art in all its colors and mostly draw self-portraits and abstract paintings. Art for me it’s time of release, to let my own inside world go out... and pass it to everyone through what I’m doing. In my painting you can see frequently use of dark shades. Through color I can pass emotions and moments... I wish I could develop myself, and keep making Art.  

Acrylic on canvas

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