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 Lori Nozik 

“Netting veil”


 The materials are pieces of old fishing nets overlaid with antique lace doilies and pink embroidery thread.

I chose the fishing net to be my veil, my shawl, as it is somewhat ironic, primitive in raw materials and because of its structure, impossible to "cover up". 
It is more a metaphor, the idea that as a Western woman, it is inconceivable to me to be forced to cover myself, to hide, to be hidden, to be protected, to be unseen, to be constricted, and so, as I might wrap this around my head or body, I can still see, I can still be exposed, I can protect myself, I can still feel my skin against the air. It is as though the inside is outside. And yet, I can be tangled up within it.

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