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Michalina W. Klasik

“M W T M”
40 × 40 c”m, embroidery + serigraphy on fabric, 2020

Maria, Wanda, Teresa are the names of my great-grandmother, grandmother and mother.
I have embroidered their first letters, adding my own initial, in the corners of a linen shawl.
In the middle, I printed a shadow of a blade of grass from the forest near the place where each of us grew up, formed in a circle. The shawl is shaped like those worn by women from my region, it is also the size of a white baptismal gown a baby would wear for the ceremony. My gown, however, was ”green” – instead of particular religiousness, the women of my family taught me to respect the Earth. This emphatic relationship with the nature directed them towards independent thinking, giving them their “own” space.  Awareness of such a bond gives strength - so important today, also in my country - to take the side of endangered nature.

Michalina W. Klasik
Polish visual artist. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. Doctor of Fine Arts since 2017.
Works with image, object, text. Her art follows the idea of decolonization of nature. Teaches in her alma mater.


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