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Noa Yekutieli

Solid In My Arms, 2017
Manual paper-cutting
34 x 30.2 cm

Yekutieli explores the tension between shared human experiences complicated through cross-cultural perspectives. She works with source images of disasters to metaphorically speak to the universal experiences of destruction, loss, trauma, and memory. Adopting a symbolic relation to ruins, Yekutieli explores the collective and personal process of remembering and forgetting the past. In an on-going exploration of man-made and natural disasters Yekutieli uses the paper cutting technique to suggest both fragility and permanence. Akin to the demolition of building, swift changes are an absolute act followed by the strained effort to rebuild, leaving permanent scars. The negative space of the paper cuts render absence visible, attesting to a loss of information or misplaced memories. Mirroring the human desire for control, the paper cutting is a labor-induced effort that doesn't allow mistakes. It is an irreversible process that emphasizes the temporality of the human body and demonstrates irreversible destruction. 

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