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Norma Drimmer


A veil allows you to see the world without being seen. However one feels disconnected from this world. There is a border – the veil – between me and what I can see. It does allow me the feeling of being invisible. Thus I am a spectator in my own life. If you look through the veil when it is not on your body you remember the flimsy cloth and the hidden before it will be revealed. Beyond the veil are the possibilities of seeing the world with fresh eyes and the memory of what it used to look like.

All my works have connections with each other. Each one is the outcome of a precise question that I research and at the same time part of my Meta questions. How do I want to live? What is a good life? How do my senses relate to what is my reality and to what we call scientific realities?  How do these relationships have an input into our lives and what kind of consequences will be the result? Worldwide we struggle with ecological problems that originate in global warming, climate changes and the need for food and housing.
We have to balance regional needs with the preservation of animals and plants whose disappearance might have unforeseeable consequences for us all; yet people will still need to survive and to be able to support their families.

Art is the possibility to not just experience our surroundings with our intellectual capabilities but with our emotional faculties as well; thus we can open the eyes for the beauty of our world. To see it through the veil is a reminder of its fragility. It might be a motivation to include into our actions the thought of its disappearance.

The works are printed on cloth 50 x70.They can be displayed horizontally and vertically. One can light them up or put them in front of a still video, or hang them in front of a colored carton paper.

The association of a hammock is meant to be.

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