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Together Srtong / Muslin cloth, marri resin

Norma MacDonald
“Together Strong”

Noongar Indigenous Australian

Together Strong
Muslin cloth, marri resin

The muslin fabric represents the scarf worn by Domestic Servants, A memory washed in submission and hardship. Hand dyed with resin from the Marri tree that has been used for 60 000 years and is still used today for healing by the Noongar women. The sorrow of having babies taken from them is echoed in the softness of the fabric, once used to wrap their little ones and place them in the Coolamon. This time of atrocity is now known as The Stolen Generation. The stitching lines represent foot tracks. The journey women take, now bringing us together. The dots of stitching tell of the spiritual Song Lines connecting us through time and place. The faded images, shadows of pain, loss of culture, disconnection from the land. Despite our loss and pain our women are resilient, and together we are strong.

Women gathering
Across the oceans, from many lands they come
To share their stories
Bound to each other 
Together strong
Women weaving their stories into one
Together strong

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