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Odelia Elhanani


The image of this art work   is a photograph taken during the work process in Lakiya Village, concentrating on the hands of one Bedouin woman from the embroidery group, during mutual embroidery work on "Scent of a secret" 2016, 

a huge tapestry embroidered over several months by the artist Odelia  Elhanani in collaboration with a group of Bedouin women from the village of Lakiya in southern Israel. 
Behind Elhanani's latest works is the idea of joint art projects with disadvantaged communities. With the help of  The Association for the advancement of women*, Elhanani made contact with a Bedouin embroidery group from the village of Lakiya .

* "Desert Embroidery": a small cottage industry, producing traditional embroideries for the Association, was established by Bedouin women in order to empower them, to protect traditional handy work and to develop employment for the women.

Photograph credit: Ester Neubach


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