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 Ofra Zimbalista 
Clothing”, 2010

The staging of the body, with its physical and spiritual presence was a recurrent motif in Zimbalista's sculptures and reliefs, and later also in the works centered around clothing.

These sculptures of empty clothes represent a new climax in ZImbalista's artistic practice. The three-dimensional clothes were created in a process of purification, using materials such as cloth and epoxy. In contrast to her previous work, yet also as a kind of answer and sequel to them, the new actors on the artist's theatrical stage are in face the actors' clothes. The traces of the body inevitably allude to the natural process of the physical body's dissolution - death.
These works by Zimbalista continue to engage with archetypes of creation and the body by endowing matter with spirit and setting it free. In this manner, Zimbalista completes a creative cycle, coming to peace with the absence.

The empty clothes move between different spheres of meaning: they touch upon the emptiness of matter and of the physical body, thus giving rise to the spiritual presence within their negative space. This is a return to the abstract idea of existence, of creation out of spirit and matter - an idea embodied in the last stage of her work, as well as a distillation of her entire oeuvre.

Mixed Media

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