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 Orit Bertini Shavit 

“White ” 


‘White’, a video and stills work, is part of my solo exhibition So Long (Lechi Lach, in Hebrew), curated by Karni Barzilay (Indie Gallery, Tel Aviv, April 2019).

At the center of the exhibition is the figure of a young girl whom I named “good girl”. The image is based on an old slide I had found in the street, a photograph of a smiling girl dressed in what appears to be school uniform: a buttoned-down white blouse, blue skirt, knee-high socks and black doll shoes.
In my work I am appropriating the identity of the photographed girl, bringing it to life, and putting together an arena where a battle is taking place between the disciplined and the natural. Deconstructing and reconstructing the original image via different photography, video and performance practices. These are necessary in order to break through a frozen, cocoon-like condition, go through a metamorphosis and fly. No more “Good Girl”!

"The richness and complexity the artist creates around the image resonate a gender-based discussion on the way in which feminine identity in general, and the feminine body in particular, become an arena of reference to issues of activism as compared with passivity, attraction coupled with repulsion, boldness along with restraint and self-control." (Karni Batzilay)


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