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Paulina Walczak-Hańderek


object / 2020

Gaslighting is a manipulation technique favoured by dictators, sect leaders, pathological liars, as well as the narcissistic and sociopathic individuals. It is usually present in the areas of professional relationships and partnerships.

Gaslighting is always real, although it also takes place in the sphere of cultural symbols (language, visual codes, cultural imagination, beauty canons etc.). The symbolic space becomes part of the “natural”, “normal” reality. This “normalization” makes it the violence that remains invisible.

Originally, a bandanna was worn by a bandit, a street hooligan – thus its name. It was only in the 1920s that it became popular as an element of a woman’s uniform…

Transforming an attribute of fighting and a symbol of male power into a female, passive and aesthetic visual object refers to the excluding regimes of beauty and the violence concealed under its surface.

Paulina Walczak-Hańderek

Born in 1989. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, faculty: Painting (diploma with honours in 2014). Currently assistant in Studio of Painting and Studio of Drawing. Laureate of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Award and holder of the Minister of Science and Higher Education Scholarship in 2013. Participant of numerous domestic and international exhibitions and projects. In her work, she fuses the motifs from the areas of art, literature, anthropology, architecture and sociology. By means of various methods and operations, she tackles the problematic of forms of experiencing space on the multisensory level in personal, social and political dimensions.

instagram: @paulinawalczakhanderek


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