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Ruxandra Flavia Munteanu  
“Born of the earth”  

The female life cycle embodies the beauty of human nature, yet they are hidden behind the sanctions of the socio-cultural sanctions and taboos.

The hidden pain is conveyed by this bolt of textile as an act of feminine protestation.

The design of the boltof the fabric is born from a piece of small textile which represents a capsule of time and material. A piece of cotton that was printed and stained with my menstrual blood and then immediately buried in the bowels of the earth, there it was woven like a fetus for an year and absorbed her story.

The form that was born continued to bear another generation of new textile that will serve as genetic material for this work of creation in digital print.
Ruxandra Flavia Munteanu is a textile and print artist and a performer.
Born in 1988 in Transylvania, Romania, to a Christian Greek Orthodox family of farmers that worked the earth. Together with her mother, she immigrated to Israel at the age of 10.In her work, she faces and raises questions about femininity, dialectics of life and death, materiality and time.Usually burying her work in the earth, around the world, for long periods of time, and then taking them out into the world and cultivating them again.

Today she lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.

130x44.5cm, silk cloth, silk print, digital print, menstrual blood.

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