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Sybilla Skałuba

“I See the Taste” 3 × 50 × 50 cm, mixed technique
“Fluff” 100 × 50 cm, installation/object, mixed technique

“As you age, between you and the surrounding reality there gradually appears some kind of separating, insulating matter. It makes you see less, hear less and foremost – feel less. At first, it is this thin see-through mist, a lot gets in, but with time it becomes like thick, dense fog. It turns into a heavy curtain, and eventually into a solidifying wall, through which you cannot see or hear anymore.”[1] LAPIDARIUM VI, R. Kapuściński

We are disappearing slowly and involuntarily, unable to receive all the signals from the surrounding world any more. Overwhelmed by informational noise, we can no longer sieve through for what is important, we cannot analyse, and then: understand.

Loneliness, emptiness, helplessness towards..? (to be cont.)

Sybilla Skałuba
Doctor of Fine Arts since 2009. MFA diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice in 2003. Currently independent lecturer in the Chair of Workshop Graphic in her alma mater. She is interested mostly in graphic arts and sculpture, especially the idea of matrix as an object. She participated in numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

What is indispensable for creative activity is the constant pursuit of places, objects, new spaces with the energy that affects, inspires and drives. Day-to-day, I work as a lecturer of AFA and help my students to obtain workshop skills accounting for the changing character and possibilities offered by woodcut, linocut and plaster printing. I also develop their creative awareness by stimulating them to observe the surrounding world, as well as to the necessary introspection on their way to shaping their own artistic vision. The theory and dry lectures must be followed by real experience, which I absorb faced with the increasingly changeable reality as I seek for new sensations and inspiration. Each journey brings new places, people and emotions, which I then translate into the language of art by means of artistic message encoded in the structure of my works.

[1]      Kapuściński R., Lapidarium VI, Czytelnik, 2007


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